Building a “Theology of Internet” at It is a envisaged as a collaborative e-Journal intended to develop, articulate and advance a Theology of Internet for the church.

Internet at the middle of Church

Internet at the middle of Church


Pope Benedict XVI identified social networks as the new ‘agora’ and therefore new spaces for evangelization. Whenever a continent was discovered in the past, the Church always sent its missionaries. In the same way, missionaries are needed to evangelize this newly discovered ‘continent’ of the digital environment. We recognize that the success and sustainability of this new missionary movement will depend upon the strength of the theological foundations on which this movement will be built. So we are initiating collaborative e-Journal – – to develop, articulate and advance a “Theology of Internet”. The e-Journal will showcase peer-reviewed scholarly and technical articles on digital technologies, Internet, social networking, etc with respect to its relevance to the Church and evangelization. 

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